Last Night in Portland

I’m currently sitting in the green room at Helium Comedy Club in Portland, OR.  One show down tonight, one more to go.  In about two hours, I’ll be getting off stage for the 11th and final time on this little road trip, and in about nine hours I’ll be boarding a plane heading back to Philly.  This has been my first real road work as a comic (to me, anything I can drive to and back and still be up for work in the morning doesn’t count), having spent the last two weeks in Seattle and Portland, and it’s been an amazing experience.  Both cities are amazing in their own ways, the clubs have both been awesome, and the crowds have just been great.  A beautiful experience all around.  Monday, I go back to my normal life and my normal job, and it’s going to be difficult.  It’s always tough to go back to the monotony of  “real” life after having a great show or set of shows, but it must be done for the time being.  Some day, this will be my life.  That day hasn’t come just yet, but these last two weeks have been a great appetizer for the future.  My only regret is that my father isn’t alive to share this experience with me.  He passed away in November and was such a great supporter of my comedy, and I would love to be able to see his proud face when I land tomorrow.  He never got to see me achieve what will end up being my greatest comedy successes, and that sucks.  I’m sure if there is a heaven, though, he’s watching from there with a smile on his face.  Hopefully he gets to enjoy more of my career going forward.

Thanks again to Parlor Live in Seattle, Helium Comedy Club in Portland, the Space Needle, Voodoo Donuts, and everyone that I’ve met along the way.  It’s been a total pleasure.


OH, and check out the new video I posted on YouTube yesterday…

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~ by patbarkercomedy on June 5, 2011.

One Response to “Last Night in Portland”

  1. I love your bit about God creating the Universe in 7 days with a special plan for Dwight Howard. I know Dad is laughing at that joke and glowing with pride at your success and the truly fine young man that you are.

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